Our SUPPORT involves multiple functions by professionals. Our SUPPORT services range from analysis of data/problem, offering advice on the spectrum of solutions available with indicative optimal solution, tendering of legal opinion, hands on compliances wherein on account of our SUPPORT the client is rid of his worries in respect of statutory compliances within the inspector raj ecosystem. 

We SUPPORT our clients in obtaining all types of statutory registrations. We do SUPPORT our clients in measuring up to the compliance standards stipulated in the statutes, be it record maintenance, audits, liaison, We SUPPORT our clients in tackling delinquent employees by putting in place an ecosystem for enforcing discipline. 

We give concentric SUPPORT to our clients in managing labour relations with trade unions by wresting the maximum production norms commitment during long term wage settlements which may view as a positive sum game resulting in a win win situation. Our SUPPORT extends to conciliation and adjudication is case circumstances warrant a hard approach. We SUPPORT our clients in the areas outsourcing, secondment etc.,