Dr.Patrick Ryan.,M.A., LLM., Ph. D


 Dr.Patrick Ryan.,M.A., LLM., Ph. D., an advocate and stalwart in labour laws, having done a study about labour courts, with nearly two decades’ experience in all gamut of labour laws such as laws relating to labour relations, laws relating to social security, laws relating to safety and health and also laws relating to employee compensation. His forte is a multi- disciplinary approach towards solution to problem at hand.

Mr.K. Ganesan M.Sc(psy), M.H.R.M., M.B.A., ML.


Mr.K. Ganesan M.Sc(psy), M.H.R.M., M.B.A., ML., Advocate – High Court of Madras of about a decade’s standing. Well experienced in both civil and criminal jurisdictions and a powerful negotiator in collective bargaining with trade unions. An added advantage is that he was working as HR in various higher positions. Hence his insights are unique as they are multi dimensional.


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